Single Mom's Resource Page



Are you a single mom who needs extra support with your elementary age child(ren) in the area of education? Contact Naphtali's MOH to see how we can be of assistance. All tutoring sessions are held at the public library. 

School Supplies


Naphtali's MOH understands that school supplies are needed throughout the school year.  Contact us if your child has a need!

Supplies Include: Clothing, bookbags, pencils, markers, binders, crayons, etc. 

Meal Prep Class


 Life would be so much easier for working moms if they could have a nutritious meal planned for the week. Naphtali's MOH will help you get started! Contact us if you are interested in joining one of our classes.

Preparing a Budget


If you are interested in seeing how you can utilize your money and make your dollar stretch, contact Naphtali's MOH! 

Spiritual Growth


 If you need time to stop and be reenergized, check out Naphtali’s MOH Bible Study material, Coaching Page or Blog Post. Naphtali's MOH hosts a 1st Friday night Bible study group. Contact us for more information! 

Additional Information


Is there something you need  that was not listed on this resource page? Contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance! 

Single women without children may also take advantage of these resources!

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