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We are a 501 (c)(3) ministry that provides inspirational, relational, and empowering mentoring and coaching services.


About Us



Our VISION is to restore healthy families and build sustainable communities. 



To identify and empower SINGLE WOMEN without children and those with children as heads of households. 

To transition SINGLE WOMEN from brokenness to wholeness for the purpose of restoring healthy families. 



To equip women with God-given tools to build a godly sense of self-worth and esteem that will enable them to manage their responsibilities.

To teach women the significance of marriage based on God’s creation design.

To provide HOPE, HELP, and HEALING to cope with the overwhelming problems of life and RECOVERY for those who have been devastated by losses. 

To provide character-building programs such as mentoring and coaching  services that promote wholeness.  

To provide basic needs to women (Especially those with underage children) who have been displaced because of adverse circumstances.

To conduct classes that will give women the life skills to make healthy lifestyle decisions and manage their households, financially and morally. 

To direct women (and their children) to sources and resources in the community that will enhance their development. 

To partner and work with other agencies and organizations with a common vision in order to see people and communities restored.  

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Contact Us

Naphtali's Ministry of Hope

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States


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