Your Unique Design

Naphtali's MOH Desires to be Instrumental in UNLOCKING the YOU that God has created you to "BE"!



Naphtali's MOH Desires to be Instrumental in UNLOCKING the YOU that God has created you to "BE"!

Working with a certified Naphtali’s Ministry of Hope Coach can assist you in…


Better Understanding your Unique Purpose and Design

Benefits: Coaching aids with giving direction to your life so you will be better equipped to make important decisions to help you live on purpose.


Bringing Awareness and Alignment with your Foundational Values

Benefits: Coaching helps you focus on what’s important versus what’s expected so you can minimize stress. 


Addressing Areas of Toleration

Benefits: Coaching helps you pinpoint and take charge of areas where you have allowed unnecessary chaos to rule in your life by establishing healthy boundaries. 


Overcome Internal Road Blocks

Benefits: Coaching helps you confront fear(s) and doubt(s) and liberates you to take the necessary steps to live an abundant life. 


Personalized Life Action Plan

Benefits: Coaching helps you to move toward the God-given purpose for which you have been created by implementing a step-by-step action plan to help you take ownership for your life.  



Benefits: Coaching unlocks the authentic you through the process of discovery. It allows room for your gifts, talents and potential to come alive as you steward what God has placed on the inside of you.  


Acknowledging God’s Call

Benefits: Coaching helps you to give God your “YES” so you can walk in a more intimate relationship with your heavenly Father for Kingdom Purpose! 


Greater Awareness of God’s ordering Your Steps

Benefits: Living a worshipful life with more love for God, self and others!


Coaching is not counseling in the sense that the coach is not “telling” you what steps to take.  You are taking the responsibility to bring about the necessary change(s) in your own life. The coach provides you with Support, Encouragement and Accountability along your journey by asking powerful questions to bring out the answers that already lie within you! 


Areas where you may need coaching can include, but are not limited to: Career, Marriage, Life Circumstances, Setting Goals & Boundaries, Starting a New Venture, Writing a Book and/or Bringing Order out of Chaos. 



The link provided below is a sample of a "free" test that will help you better understand your personality. Naphtali’s MOH believes that the world is waiting on YOU to align with your unique design God placed in you before the foundation of the world! 

" For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". Jeremiah 29:11 NIV


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