Scope of Ministry


   We help to build self-worth/self-esteem in young women by encouraging them to think of themselves as God’s creative design made by God without mistakes. We point out that human imperfection and flaws are the condition of all humanity, but in Christ those flaws and imperfections are not negatives but conditions that motivate growth and change.  We teach them how important it is to have a healthy outlook about men created in God’s image and how that outlook frees them from insecurity about trying to please others before they secure themselves. The results are good relationships that can build good character. Although some women succeed without the aid of a man, the family structure remains at the core of a thriving community and unless this dilemma of fatherless is addressed, women can remain in a predicament.       


  We believe that God has created each woman with a unique calling and purpose. Naphtalis's MOH provides coaching services that focus on personal growth in each area of life. If you are interested in learning more, click on the link below.

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 Although, Naphtali’s is a ministry for women, we strongly desire to walk in unity with women to the point of helping them to realize the importance of healthy relationships with men. Some single parent households are very successful, but some remain unsuccessful. We do not wish to take away anything from the successful single families, but our focus is on those who need our help. For those families, the absence of a husband and father contributes to adverse issues in the life of the mother and children. The mothers develop insecurities and the children develop anger issues and a “father wound.” Our ultimate goal is to see the whole family restored by beginning with women and their outlook on life and God’s creative design for family. 


  Many of our young women have grown up with little or no knowledge of proper care for a home. Naphtali’s service is designed to teach skills in the area of cooking, cleaning, gardening, budgeting finances, hygiene, parenting, sewing and other skills that have been lost over the years. Those who want to further their education, but need the proper guidance to begin the process, will also greatly benefit from our ministry.      


  We teach young women how they can effectively raise their children.  We also provide tutoring to elementary age children in the single parent household who have fallen behind in reading, writing or arithmetic. In addition, we will work with the children to establish healthy relationships with parents.


  All of our outreach services can be administered to groups in your location. Please go to “Contact Us,”and fill out the required information and one of our representatives will contact you. Our outreach services include, but are not exclusive to collaborating with other non-profits to boost the impact of assistance to those who are seeking to improve their standard of living. Our visitation services include going into hospitals and rehabilitation centers to provide assistance for families in distress. Please contact us to find out more.