Core Values



 Prayer is the centerpiece of the Christian life and is more about our attitude of adoration and reverence for God than the posture of our bodies. Christ said that men should always pray, and the Epistles teach unceasing prayer. (Luke 18:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:17) For that to happen in practical life, our attitudes about people and life around us should be in a meditative state regarding our relationship with God and His ability to intervene in the circumstances of life. Watching and praying is a way to keep the Christian from giving in to temptation. We should pray not only for those who love and like us but also for those who hate and despise us. Our prayer for others releases them from the penalty and power of unforgiveness and paves the way for our witness. Prayer is having communion and conversation with God that brings the assurance of faith  



  Holiness is not achieved by mental assent, but by a progressive walk of faith and a desire to be Christ-like. God is holy and commands us to be holy in our pursuit of living life for His glory as we represent Him before the world. God is holy (pure in character) and untainted by sin, and the goal of holiness (in its essence) is purity of character that produces a clean heart. A pure heart changes unproductive behavior. Scripture admonishes Christians to live a life of peace with everyone, and holiness produces that peace. (Hebrews 12:14) It is a life set apart spiritually to please God and influence others with the life of Christ.     



 Salvation is the central message of the Bible offered through Jesus Christ. It is the heart of the message of the gospel. Salvation brings deliverance from the penalty and power of sin, redeems a life that was perishing, and transforms the whole person. Without the reality of Christ, there is salvation in no other. Jesus is the foundation of the Christian’s faith and without Him there is no salvation. He is our hope and help in our times of need! Salvation brings victory to live, but our purpose is to teach those who come to Christ, how to overcome the adverse circumstance and toxic people and win the battles of life.    

Core Values Cont'd



 God’s Word is the believer’s plumb line that measures direction for every facet of life and the rule of faith and practice. To experience the “abundant life” that God has promised to every believer, our lives should align with God’s Word. The truth of God’s Word brings wisdom, discernment, and understanding of every circumstance and situation that we encounter in life. The truth of God’s Word will also set us free from the inherited bondage to sin. (John 8:32) 



 Walking in the spirit of love towards all humanity will draw men to Jesus. God is love and love in its true sense brings healing and wholeness to those who live by the virtue of love. Our love for God and our neighbor is the greatest command that fulfills God’s moral law. Forgiveness is a bi-product of love and necessary to embrace people in love. Love is the Fruit of God’s Spirit (Galatians 5:22-24) and develops patience when dealing with people who seem unwilling to receive help. Honor and respect for God, parents and those in authority will bring long life and blessing and love is the criteria. (Romans 13:8-19) Love produces Restoration! 



 Evangelism wins people to Christ, but discipleship nurtures them to maturity. Our discipleship goal is to walk alongside those we serve, in a mentoring capacity, and give them the tools to live in Christ-likeness. Discipleship is modeling Christ through our lifestyle that demonstrates the life of Christ to others. Therefore, living life is the greatest form of discipleship. Christ redeems us with the purpose of reaching others through us to make His kingdom a reality. Discipleship includes walking in relationship with others and sharing life together. Discipleship is not controlling others, but showing the way and allowing others to make wise decisions.